Dry Creek Cemetery - Rules

  • Vegetation - Vegetation may not be planted by a plot owner without first obtaining permission from the Grounds Manager. If any plant, shrub or tree becomes an obstruction to the setup of burial devises, sprinklers, is unsightly or interferes with the general maintenance of cemetery grounds, the Grounds Manager may remove the plant, shrub or tree and the district is not required to replace it or to bear the replacement costs.
  • Artificial Decorations - No artificial decorations shall be placed by or on a grave between the 15th day of April and the 15th day of October of each calendar year. Planter boxes, flags, glass containers, windmills and/or decorations deemed to be a maintenance problem or hazard will be prohibited on the grounds.
  • Seasonal Decorations - Artificial decorations left on grave sites will be removed 2 weeks after each holiday (except one week after Memorial Day weekend).
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